This is a pedal, yes pedal powered submarine, the Scubster. We’re not sure on how you control the level of buoyancy, or should we say depth, but it’s built using a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike. The French designer, Rousson, says that top speed is about 6 mph and anyone piloting the yellow rig will need to be outfitted in complete scuba gear. Hmm. Is this a sub or a sunken boat?
Let us know what your thoughts are on this pedal powered submarine.

Bali Underwater Scooter is created to provide the scuba diving experience to virtually anyone without any of rigors required by the typical diving experience.
No certification, no cumbersome attached gear and no experience required. Just sitting in a breathing environment and traveling at speeds of up to 2 km/hour, the rider can experience new and exciting underwater vistas.

SEAmagine’s newest 6 person sub offers a very spacious environment for the occupants as well as giving an excellent underwater view.
The submarine’s cabin is arranged in four segments enhancing privacy with the pilot at the front, the owner’s lounge right behind, the guests’ lounge in the rear, and even has a private emergency restroom in the back hull compartment.

A High performance semi-submersible watercraft.
Is it a Shark?
Or could it be a whale?
No, it’s gotta be a dolphin!
Actually it can be anything you want it to be. Is that wild or what?
The Seabreacher X can dive 5 feet deep for up to 30 seconds at 25 mph. With surface speeds of 60 MPH.
And you can customize it any way you like. No matter how you flip it, it always returns to it’s upright position.
This is truly and amazing watercraft and we want hear thoughts.

U Boat Worx C-Explorer submersible
A High performance semi-submersible watercraft.
Sitting behind the controls of a C-Explorer submersible is among the most thrilling adventures anyone could imagine. Witnessing underwater life first hand with a C-Explorer submarine with its 360° panoramic view can only be described as “out of this world”.

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