5 Best Personal Submarines for Luxury Yachts

EGO-SE 450
The EGO-SE 450 also known as Penguin, is a South Korean-developed watercraft which is 100% electrically powered semi-submarine with two seats submerged panoramic windows cabin connected directly to the two floating hulls on its sides.
More Info: http://www.egosubmarine.com/01ego_se_overview.htm

DeepFlight Dragon
DeepFlight Dragon is a James Bond like watercraft which gives you the freedom to cruise alongside whales or stop and hover over ancient underwater ruins. The only personal submarine that has enough power to rely solely on vertical thrust to dive, eliminating the complexity of the ballast systems that all competing submersibles use to get heavy and sink to depth.
More Info: https://www.deepflight.com/dragon/

Super Yacht Sub 3
This amazing sub is specifically designed to live on board a super yacht. It is designed by U-Boat Worx. The sub has 15.6 kWh battery for propulsion and additional 6 12 kWh battery to power the cabin and survival systems, with a further emergency battery capable of keeping critical survival systems going for up to 96 hours. When fully charged sub can run for up to 12 hours and can go up to a speed of 3 knots.
More Info: https://www.uboatworx.com/model/super-yacht-sub-3

Triton 3300/3
Equally suited for scientific and personal expeditions, the Triton 3300/3 is Triton’s most popular submersible the company manufactures due its versatility. It can take a pilot and two passengers to depths of 3,300 feet with its 12 hours, 30 kWh endurance lead acid battery. Two 5 hp main thrusters can propel it up to 3 knots.
More Info: http://tritonsubs.com/products-services/all-subs/t33003/

Designed to maximize the field of view, this 4 person personal submarine for luxury yachts provide the ability for 3 passengers and 1 pilot to experience the underwater oceanic view in comfort. One of the company’s personal submersibles is used regularly in this National Geographic TV series in Australia called Life on The Edge.
More Info: http://www.seamagine.com/manned-subs-4-person.html

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