Forged Unique Feather Pen

I made a feather quill out of flat stock mild steel and a 3/16 inch brass rod. First I cut out the rough shape of the feather but found that it was too wide for my mini forge so I trimmed it further. Then I hammered out the shape of the feather. I added the detail to the feather using various parts of my vice anvil and a chisel. I refined the shape with files and a hacksaw blade. I didnt’ include footage of the hacksawing but basically I just made a few random cuts along the edge to try and make it look more like a feather. I then shaped the feather body a little more to give it a rounded look. Then using my belt sander I shaped the brass rod so that it would fit in the groove of the feather. I used plumber’s solder to attach the brass rod to the feather. Then I sanded and filed a lot more until it looked relatively clean. Then I made the nib or writing portion of the quill by drilling in to the end of the brass rod. Then using my small belt sander I shaped the nib to a point. While it does write this is a completely impractical pen mainly because of its unbalanced weight. But it was fun to make.

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