Grimme field loading station CleanLoader – Celeriac Harvest

 Grimme شاهد كيف يتم حصاد الكرفس اللفتي باستخدام محطة تحميل , تصفية ونقل من

During harvesting between 3 to 20 % of the crop in the trailer is trash, depending on the conditions. Mainly that means also cost intense further transport followed by an intense separation and disposal. In very harsh conditions up to 1000 ton trash could be produced on a 100 ha field. For logistic and ecological reasons Grimme developed the infield CleanLoader with permit for road transport, with the aim to leave the main trash on the field.
At the front is the Receiving Hopper from the
RH 24-60 Combi with a volume of 21 m³, followed by two roller modules and a large inspection platform. The first roller module ensures an intense soil separation.
Other benefits are:
Less wearing costs of the mostly expensive special tractor and trailer wheels.
Low air pressure in the wheels on the field ensure a low ground compaction.
Immense reduced soiling of the road.
Field tyres stay on the field, road tyres stay on the road.