How to make a humane PVC SQUIRREL TRAP

فكرة ذكية وبسيطة لعمل فخ السناجب باستخدام انبوب من البلاستيك

Make this simple PVC humane squirrel trap that’s live release. Easy to build, easy to bait, easy to release and best of all, it’s humane and there’s no springs or levers to wind up or load! The squirrel cannot escape or chew his way out of this humane squirrel trap. The squirrel is not harmed in any way during capture. The squirrel remains very calm as you’ll see in the video. The squirrel can be released calmly and easily without fear of being bitten. Since it is dark inside the squirrel trap, the squirrel does not panic and stays quite relaxed. Simple operation makes this diy humane squirrel trap fun and easy to build and adjust for easy trapping and best of all easy release. Just use a few peanuts in the shell, or unshelled, to bait the trap. It’s the best do it yourself humane live release squirrel trap you’ll find! A 4″ PVC pipe and cap and some plywood and a few other common items is all you’ll need.